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Hans-Josef Heck

Is the Functioning of our Thinking and Acting identical
to the Functioning of the the Universe-Geschehen¹) ?
How can we ascertain
whether the answer to a question is real

Version 0.0.9b  -   09.-27.05.2019
¹)  Geschehen:  'occurrence of an event' / 'presence of an activity'
*  *  *
Only when the question states,  what the answer is to achieve
we are able to ascertain,  whether the answer is real.
Only then  it is possible
to apply the answer to the question.
For, only by applying the answer to the question
we are able to verify,  whether  that  effect  will be achieved
that we have  stated  in conjunction with the question.
Our thinking is  a  wanting to know
how a certain  effect  can be achieved.
To be able to find an answer, we have to state
what  effect  is to be achieved.
This insight seems to be self-evident
but we are not really aware of it.
We did not recognise, that we have to state a WHATFOR
to be able to form a concept.
But a concept is the basis of any communication.
*  *  *
We are not really aware
that it is the  effect
that  controls  our  acting.
Unser Handeln will etwas erreichen.  Um etwas zu erreichen,
müssen wir die Ursachen suchen,  die (hoffentlich)
das bewirken werden, was wir erreichen wollen.
Wenn wir erfolgreich Handeln wollen, müssen wir also wissen,
welche Wirkung wir erzielen wollen.  Daher:
Es ist die Wirkung, die unser Handeln steuert.
Only, the majority of the individuals are not aware
that it is up to them,  to  STATE  the effect,
the  WHATFOR  for their acting  themselves.
And therefore, we did not realise,
that the geschehen of the universe
is controlled by the its effects, too.
*  *  *
Evolution has endowed us with special abilities:
consciousnesscreativity  and  intuition
but we have not yet learned  to use them.
For,  then we had recognised,  that the evolution
of the universe  as well as  of our abilities
is only possible, as the universe is able to test
unconstrained  any possible combination.
The allgeschehen (universe) consists for 95% of  dark geschehen
and  only for 5% of  existent geschehen.
Dark geschehen  is called  as such, as we do not know,
what is going on.
Dark geschehen  and  existent geschehen  can change
into one another. Dark geschehen may  arbitrarily
became  existent geschehen.
And we are able to create  from existent geschehen
arbitrarily  existent geschehen
*  *  *
Everything is geschehen. Everything changes.
Potential geschehen  is to change over into  existent geschehen,
before it can take part in the evolution.
We can regard the perpetual changing of the potential geschehen
as the search for a chance to change over into existent geschehen.
*  *  *
Changing needs a driving force.  Changing is caused by
a potential, which acts on that, what is changing.
A potential emerges,
when a whole is split up into two parts.
When a geschehen is to come into existence, then the two parts
of the driving force must ensure the repetition of the geschehen.
The  arbitrariness  by which the geschehen of the universe
could test  principles of driving forces  has resulted
in the principle of  rotation.
Rotation  causes two counteracting forces,
centrifugal force  and  gravitational force
which hinder by  repelling  and  attracting  the
collapsing  or  falling apart  of a geschehen.
*  *  *
Due to the  arbitrariness  by which the geschehen can come
into existence, any number of geschehen can come into existence.
Therefore it is necessary to  "decide",
which geschehen cannot stay in existence.
As otherwise - after some time - no more
coming into existence would be possible.
The criterion is immanent in the geschehen of the universe:
Existent geschehen must be compatible with each other  as an
against each other  would result in an extinguishing
of at least one of the geschehen.


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